Traces of the Trade relies on financial contributions from individuals, and on grants from charitable foundations and government agencies.  Please consider making a donation so you can help ensure the film reaches its full potential as an educational tool and a catalyst for dialogue and social change.  Ebb Pod Productions only generates enough income from DVD sales to keep sustaining operations and to explore new outreach efforts, such as pursuing broadcast, education and dialogue efforts in other countries in the African Diaspora, in Africa and in Europe. Although we are technically a for-profit (in order to maintain intellectual property rights), we function for all intents and purposes as a mission-driven non-profit. Your purchase helps give us capacity to reach new audiences.

Checks may be made out and mailed to:

Ebb Pod Productions LLC
P.O. Box 55177
Washington, DC 20040

If you work for a corporation that has a matching gift program, please consider activating that process.

If you would like your gift to qualify as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes, we have a non-profit fiscal sponsor, the San Francisco Film Society.  You can donate through them on-line or mail a check to the Washington DC address above, written out to “San Francisco Film Society” with “Traces of the Trade” written in the memo space.  Thank you!

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