During the first year and a half of outreach surrounding release of the film, Traces of the Trade staff collaborated with the media outreach firm Borderline Media, as well as with our broadcaster, P.O.V., on a highly successful national outreach campaign. With interest in the film continuing to expand, we then developed in-house capacity through the work of our excellent distribution director and events manager, Marga Varea, who served from 2009-2015.

Marga Varea, holds a master’s in Journalism and Media Studies from Complutense University of Madrid (Spain). She worked in the film and television industry in Spain for several years as a screenwriter, script supervisor, and producer and was the founding partner of Great Ways, a thriving production company in Madrid.  After relocating to the U.S., Marga gained experience as a fundraiser, grant writer and events organizer working for nonprofit social justice organizations and local film festivals. In 2009; she joined “Traces of the Trade”, also working for the Tracing Center, a nonprofit organization founded to build on the work of “Traces”. Marga is now an independent consultant, events organizer and outreach campaign manager for social issue documentary films and art/cultural events. She also freelances as a scriptwriter, editor and translator.

For information on organizing a screening or other event please contact info@tracesofthetrade.org.


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